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About Us

All  pages on this site are Copyright  Napier Vehicle Registrar   Bill Bishop ©

                         Permission should be obtained prior to  any non personal usage.

The registrar will, as time permits , rebuild  this site with the intention of making it a source of information for all who have an interest in Napier motor vehicles.

Most of the company’s production records have survived and  are available for identification and dating purposes.

Where available,digital copies of the manufacturers instruction books  will be made available to owners to assist with the maintenance of their vehicles. Keep in mind however  that the original owners were advised to return their vehicles to the Napier works for anything more than day to day tasks.

Requests for information will be complied with as much as is possible and will be placed on the site.

NOTE  Links in the left hand border  are not active. Navigate via arrows at the bottom of the page or via the Home page.

Owners are requested to keep the registrar up to date with any changes of ownership.